Guide to home repairs & maintenance

Keeping the exterior and interior of your home free from defects means it is a more pleasant and comfortable place to live. It also looks cared for and well-maintained.

Allowing a small problem to get worse means a bigger repair bill. As soon as you spot a problem, assess the damage and, if needed, get professional help to deal with it.

home repairs and maintenance

Worry about the cost?

There is no doubt that some home repairs are expensive to deal with. There may be the possibility of various grants for home repairs to help. Some of these grant schemes have certain criteria thus if you meet them, you could have help towards the cost of a home repair.
Luckily, a lot of the house repairs needed from time to time are easily solved. Take a look at our quick guide to solving common property repairs and maintenance issues.

Roof Repairs

People often worry about the cost of roof repairs assuming that if they spot a problem with the roof, it means investing in a new one. This is not always the case. Being vigilant, taking time to examine the exterior and the underside of a roof (in the loft) should mean you spot problems early.

Heating Repairs

There is nothing worse that the heating system packing in on the coldest day of the year! It can be hard to avoid boiler or heating breakdowns but ensuring that the system is regularly serviced and maintained should spot problems early. Always consult with a trained engineer before trying to repair the problem yourself.

You can also read our heating repair guide.

Flooring Repairs

From scuffed or damaged flooring coverings, to issues with floorboards and the sub-floor, of all the housing repairs you will need to make this is probably one of the easiest to get right. If you are unsure, contact a reputable local flooring company.

Plumbing Repairs

From a dripping tap to a leaky pipe, there are all kinds of plumbing repairs that are needed from time to time. Some are easy to deal with, but others may take the skills of a trained plumber.

Check our guide to see if you could successful perform a range of DIY plumbing repairs.

Fence Repair

If you have children and pets, you need a fence to keep them safe in the garden but others out! Replacing a fence panel can be an easy task but for more complicated structures, you may need the help of a joiner.

You can also get tips and advice on fence repair.

Door repair

In our guide of ‘how to house repairs’, door repairs are some of the most frequent ones needed. From smashed panes of glass, to missing doorknobs, door repairs are simple to correct.

Window Repair

From issues with glazing, to window catches, locks and handles becoming stiff or lose, there are many problems that can arise with windows. Parts are readily available and can be a simple case of replacing the damaged part with a new one.

Damp Treatment & Repair

Damp is every property owner’s worse nightmare. As soon as you spot the signs of damp – mould on walls etc. – take action to find out how extensive it is. There are many remedies you can do yourself but for deeper damp problems, you may need a specialist treatment from a professional company.

Find out how to control damp before it spreads in your home with our complete damp wall treatment guide.

Electrical repair

In terms of electrical property repairs think safety first! Changing a fuse, fitting a new plug and other simple electrical repairs are only simple if you know how to do them. If you are in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

Decking, paving and driveway repair

External property repairs are needed from time to time, with some issues with decking, paving or the driveway easy to rectify. Replacing a broken paving flag, fitting a new decking plank or two along with some basic driveway repairs are simple to complete.