How to Hire a Skip?

Planning a major renovation but unsure what to do with all your household waste? Then why not keep everything organised and hire a skip for the duration of the project?

If you are tired of the look of your property, or simply want to update a few rooms with some more modern fixtures and fittings, then a major home renovation project might just be the thing you need. It will involve a lot of planning – not to mention sourcing all the new furniture and household items or fittings you want installed – but ripping out old kitchens and bathrooms or landscaping your boring lawn can be a surprisingly therapeutic way of making yourself feel at home once more.

But what about all that waste that builds up as you get rid of more and more stuff? Where is it going to go? While it might seem easy filling up bin bags and driving larger items to the local dump when you get started, the truth is this protracted method of waste disposal can take up a lot of time and begin to get a little boring before long; so what’s the solution? Well, why not look into hiring a skip for your front lawn instead?

Choosing your Skip

A skip is a great way to keep all your waste in one easy, identifiable place without having to worry about all those extra trips to the local waste disposal unit; but is it as easy as just picking out the first one you find? Well, actually there are various different types of skips to choose from, and you need to make sure the one you rent is suited to your property and the kind of renovation work you are carrying out.

  • Firstly, how much space do you have on your drive or outside your home to accommodate a skip? You need to be sure the skip won’t spill over onto your neighbour’s property, and ensure the depth and volume of the skip will be able to store all the waste accrued from your renovations.
  • If you don’t have a driveway, will you need a permit to keep your skip on the road? This varies between local authorities across the UK, so make sure you ring your local council to double-check the rules in your area before you hire a skip.
  • Is your chosen skip suited to the kind of waste you are throwing out of your home? Some chemicals and toxic substances (such as asbestos) can’t simply be thrown into an open-air skip; so you need to check what can be disposed of within the skip and what can’t before you start the renovation work.
  • Equally, your skip should have some kind of netting, lid or lock mechanism to ensure it doesn’t fill with water overnight, or remain unattended and risk the possibility of small children or animals climbing in when you aren’t working.

Hire a Skip

So once you know what sort of make and model of skip you need, how do you go about hiring one? Well, there are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Firstly, if you are hiring a project manager or building contractor to help with the renovation work, see if they can source a cheap skip hire as part of their integrated service offer.
  • If not, you will need to compare prices between varieties of different skip hire companies before choosing a final unit. Ask friends and relatives for local recommendations, and don’t forget to look online as well.
  • When you compare the cost of hiring a skip, check whether or not you are opting for a flat rate or a rental based on the number of days or weeks you need it.
  • Finally, is waste disposal included in the rental price? Although this is usually the case, it is worth double-checking all your household waste will get thrown away safely and responsibly before signing any kind of contract!