5 Unique Pond Design Ideas

Installing a brand new pond can be a great way to transform your garden – but what style or design is best for your home? Check our 5 pond design ideas guide …

pond design ideas

If you are looking to update an old, tired looking garden full of weeds and unsightly shrubbery, or you are simply keen to attract more local wildlife and set up your garden as a local safe haven for small birds and creepy crawlies, then a new pond might be just the thing you need to revitalise that unused garden space. But what kind of pond do you need?

Well, that all depends on what the pond is going to be used for – if it is a centre-piece for your family barbeques and gatherings, you won’t want anything to wild and untamed; but if you are a more environmental gardener, then something natural-looking and un-landscaped might be your best bet. So how do you put your ideal pond plan from vision to page, and then transform it into a reality? Well, to help you get started and mull over some ideas, we have outlined five of the most common pond designs in the UK; just to give you an idea of what a new pond could potentially have to offer!

Pond Styles and Designs

  1. Integrated Waterfalls – an integrated waterfall might seem like an elaborate option for some, but these popular pond fixtures are highly versatile – coming in a range of different styles, sizes and shapes – and are suitable for both environmental and landscaped pond designs! Plus you can choose between a gentle trickle or a splashing cascade, depending on how loud and intrusive you want the pond to be, and then adapt the gradient to suit your garden’s existing levelling – reducing the amount of landscaping work necessary and helping to keep things as cheap as possible!
  2. A Pondside Rockery – you might be thinking of a tacky garden gnomes and cheap ceramic animals when people first suggest the idea of a garden rockery, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, more modern rockeries feature a combination of wild plants and shrubs along with an array of colourful and beautifully pick out stones to help create something of a ‘modern art’ feel around your pond; perfect if you want to avoid a clean-cut perimeter and make something more grand and elaborate.
  3. Wild Garden – if you are trying to attract local wildlife and don’t want things looking to prim and proper, then your best option is to plant as many wild flowers as possible in the immediate vicinity of the pond; obviously you don’t want to overdo it if you don’t have the space (as the flowers might not flourish), but foxgloves, cowslips, cornflowers and yellow rattle all make for ideal pond-side wild gardens. (But be wary of pets and small children, as some of these plants can prove poisonous!)
  4. Stone Features – stone features around or across a pond involve a lot more construction work compared to an ordinary pond installation, and as such might prove a little expensive (you usually need the combined efforts of a professional landscape gardener and a local architect to get things right), but that doesn’t mean they won’t always work; bridges and stepping stones can work great if you want to break up a larger pond and make things look that little more scenic.
  5. Oriental Garden – finally, if you really want to go all out on your brand new pond, then why not opt for a highly stylised and professionally, bespoke landscaped oriental garden instead? It doesn’t have to be anything to fancy or bulky if you don’t have the room, but an oriental style pond feature can help add glamour and elegance to your garden and help set the tone for the rest of the space you have; helping to streamline the garden’s overall design and make for a cohesive and attractive outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy!