How to get rid of household mice infestation

Mice are pesky and unwanted house guests that are easily gotten rid of. Check our tips to get rid of household mice infestation.

mice infestation

A mice infestation can cause a few problems in the home. The scurrying of tiny feet can stop you from sleeping and small holes can appear in furniture, wiring and food packets. All of this will need to be replaced which will of course cost money. There is a risk that these little creatures may carry diseases with them.

Getting rid of mice takes time and the effort is worth taking as mice can multiply at a phenomenal rate. The easiest way to get rid of mice is to hire a pest control professional.

Looking for signs of mice infestation

Before you hire a pest control company or lay traps look around for signs of mice in and about your home. Look out for small holes in walls, droppings and piles of mess. Also try sprinkling talc along skirting boards and seeing where the little foot prints go. If you do see mice write down a description to give the pest control people. Field mice and wild mice tend to be a lighter colour than house mice and different baits are used for different mice. If the mice are more than six inches long you probably have rats.

Stopping mice getting into your home

The best way to prevent a mouse infestation is to keep your home clean and tidy but even so they can still appear after changes in weather. Remove any possible nesting sites, store food and waste correctly and cut off any sources for food. If you have pets always clean the dishes after they eaten so mice aren’t attracted by the smell. Unwanted clutter in spare and little used rooms are good places for mice to hide. In the garden keep all weeds and grass cut short so there is nowhere for mice to make homes and nests. Go around the outside of your house and look for any holes taht a mouse could get through and block them up.

Laying traps

Conventional baited snap traps are the most common way to catch and kill mice but the mice are not always killed immediately. A better option is a zapper trap that kills the mice with an electric shock. The problem with these is the constant changing of batteries. Always wear gloves when you are disposing of dead mice.
Poison should be a last resort but it can also harm your pets and people and some give off an unpleasant smell. If you have a large infestation you should hire a pest exterminator. The cost can be as little as £50 depending on the scale of the mice infestation.

Humane ways to deter mice

Nearly all rodents including mice have an aversion to mint so if you grow plants in your front and rear gardens you are deterring them naturally. You can encourage mice to leave your home by placing cotton balls with peppermint oil around your home. Using catch traps is another way to treat mice living in your home by catching and removing them. Take them to a rural area with plenty of food around and your home should stay free from a mice infestation.