Heating your swimming pool using solar panels

Maintaining decent water temperature in your pool can be expensive if you rely on conventional technologies – swimming pool solar heating is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative.

heating pool solar panels

In times of rising energy costs heating your pool can be a luxury that is hard to afford. Solar energy is free and in unlimited supply, all you need to harness this energy is some solar panels. Depending on the size of the pool and the favoured water temperature, the amount and size of solar panels and additional installations may vary. Usually no major changes around the pool have to be made and different sizes and types of solar panels are available – all of them will save you some money while you’re swimming in your nicely heated pool.

Solar heating for new swimming pools

If you’re planning to have a new pool installed make sure you find a specialist for pool installations who is able to install solar panels for heating of your pool. Just like regular pool heating, solar panels are connected to the water filtration and water circulation system and do not require any further equipment like water pumps. An experienced specialist can calculate the size and amount of solar panels required to keep the water in your pool nice and warm, considering the size and location of your pool. The pump you install for your water filtration system can be adjusted perfectly to the size of the solar panels you’re having installed.

Solar panels for existing swimming pools

It is relatively easy to equip your existing pool with solar panels, even if you don’t already have a pool heating system installed. All you need is a pool with a water circulation system driven by a water pump, and a contractor who is experienced in the installation of solar panels. The solar panels required for pool heating are usually not the expensive photovoltaic panels but rather solar thermal collectors that heat up water flowing through them. Therefore having solar panels installed is quite affordable and pays back in the cost for pool heating rather quickly.

Choosing and installing solar panels for pool heating

There are different types of solar panels to choose between. For cold climates glazed solar panels are preferred because the glazing prevents radiative heat loss from the collector. In warm climates unglazed panels can be used as well. Solar panels can be placed in a variety of locations to heat your swimming pool. It is quite common to have solar panels for pool heating installed on the roof but you can have also have them placed next to the pool, facing towards the sun, or even have them set up on the porch. For best results you should hire a specialist for solar energy or pool installation who can provide you with a range of choices suitable for your home.

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