Why Choose Triple Glazed Windows?

Double glazing might seem to work just fine in your property – so why bother upgrading to triple glazed windows?

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is the addition of a third, interior pane (usually slightly smaller than the outer glass panes) to a regular double glazed window frame, without alteration to the overall size of width of the window itself. The third pane is often made of acoustic-laminated glass composite, and functions as an alternative to additional insulating qualities to ordinary double glazing (such as a low-e glass resin coating or an argon-injected gas layer).

As with most home renovations, triple glazing can be integrated into your existing window panels, or be purchased as brand-new frames, depending on whether or not you are looking to upgrade your existing windows.

Advantages of Triple Glazed Windows

So why are windows with triple glazing more effective and beneficial than standard double glazing? Well, there are a number of aspects about triple glazing that might prove advantageous in your home, including the following:

  • Triple glazing offers an extremely high level of heat and sound insulation, mainly in thanks to the acoustic-laminated pane that forms the third section of the glass window. This helps to block out the noise from the traffic and streets outside and keeps your home warmer for longer.
  • Increased sound insulation is therefore perfect if you need to live in a busy town centre for work or school but enjoy the peace and quiet – making them a great investment for those who would rather spend a bit more time at home!
  • The improved heat insulation also means you won’t have to constantly and repeatedly reach for the thermostat either; cold air stays outside, draughts are blocked out and that ends up with you saving money on your energy and utility bills.
  • Because you are using less central heating, triple glazing is also good for the environment – helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit!
  • Triple glazing also provides your property with extra-security. The increased number of panes within the window itself makes the glass almost shatter-proof, which in turn makes it more difficult for thieves and intruders to pick the locks; helping to protect your home against potential burglaries and break-ins.
  • Finally, installing triple glazed windows can add significant value to your property, helping to make it easier should you ever decide to move on and sell; so the money you are spending on the glazing functions both for the immediate purchase and as a long-term investment!

If you decide that new tripe glazing is just what you need, you should get in touch with as many different window contractors as possible and compare quotes from both local and national retailers, as well as between home-ware stores and online. Once you have found the right windows, these trained and experienced window fitters should be able to measure-up your new window and have them fully installed in just a day or two (certainly in less than a week, if you have a property no larger than a standard semi-detached); but be sure to double-check whether or not a preliminary inspection and labour costs are included in the quoted price!