What to Look for When Hiring an Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

See what you need to look for in air conditioning repair contractor by checking out our useful guide to hiring the contractor that is right for you.

air conditioning repair contractor

Having an air conditioning system fitted in your home is great if you want to cool down on an unusually hot day – but what do you do when the system breaks down completely? Well, you can try messing around with it yourself, but if you lack experience or confidence with this sort of DIY job then you are probably better off hiring a contractor to do the repair work for you.

Air Conditioning Repair: Why hire a Contractor?

There are a number of reasons why it is best to stick with a contractor rather than trying your hand at a bit of DIY repair where air conditioning units are concerned. For example, a professionally trained and experienced air conditioner repair contractor will be able to…

  • Carry out a thorough health and safety risk assessment of the home and your air con equipment to ensure all repair work is completed according to British Standards and Regulations and labourers on their team always work within the confines of the law – helping to keep you and your family safe while the repair work is carried out.
  • Confront problems and issues with the existing air con pump or model head on and figure out bespoke solutions based on their existing experience that you might not have thought of yourself if you attempted a DIY job.
  • Get in touch with wholesale contacts for additional parts and/or replacements to your air con system, helping you to keep overall costs low and budget accordingly.
  • Avoid damaging any other part of the house while carrying out the air conditioning equipment repair job, such as when removing floorboards or plastering to access internal pipes and ductwork – again, any DIY job that goes awry will only end up costing more in the long run as well.
  • Offer a competitive price-plan and/or guarantee or warranty on the repair work so you know you are being left in safe hands for not just the duration of the job, but a long time afterwards too.
  • Use their skills and experience to repair air conditioning systems quickly and efficiently without having to learn on the job – saving you a lot of time in the process!

Air Con Repair Skills and Qualifications

Although we recommend hiring an air conditioning repair contractor, that doesn’t mean you should simply go with the first repairman or advertisement you see. Instead, shop around for a good deal and always make sure your potential employee is willing to prove the following:

  • That they are able to check the levels of refrigerant and use a professional leak detector to determine the nature of the problem with your air con system.
  • Check for leaks and/or blockages in internal piping and ductwork without causing significant damages, changes or alterations to the existing structure of your property.
  • Carry out air conditioning pump repair with minimal fuss or interference with you and your family’s day-to-day lives – giving you additional peace of mind during the process.
  • Oil broken motors and replace any clogged filters in the air con system before resetting or replacing any other, more expensive parts in your particular model.
  • Provide references and proof of their repair contractor qualifications, such as the NVQ Level 2/3 Diploma in Repair and Maintenance of Refrigeration Systems or the Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Installing and Commissioning Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

Once you have chosen a professional, full-time air conditioning repair contractor, and before starting the work, ask him a written  proposal. This agreement should list the project shedule, the job cost, plus the terms and conditions, and any verbal guarantee you have discussed with him.

If you have issues with your air conditioner (e.g. the unit won’t turn on or it is not cooling air), we provide free tips in our air Conditioning repair complete guide.