What to Look for Before Hiring an Asbestos Removal Company

Make sure your home renovation or refurbishment stays on track by hiring an asbestos removal firm who know exactly what they’re doing from the get-go.

asbestos removal company

Getting your home refurbished or renovated for the first time in a few years can help to make it feel fresh and new; but if your building contractors come across any kind or trace of asbestos, then you suddenly have a whole other problem to deal with. After all, although asbestos used to be widely available as an effective insulating material, it has since been banned after being linked with an array of respiratory infections and cancers – so really you need to get a removal company in as soon as possible.

But what exactly do you need from asbestos removal contractors? And what kind of asbestos removal regulations do you need to make sure they are abiding by?

Asbestos Removal Training

There are three main types of asbestos detection that a fully trained and qualified should be able to recommend based on your budget, the size of your property and the perceived threat of possible asbestos being found in your existing masonry. They are:

1. An Asbestos Air Test – a simple airborne chemical test using modern tracers and detectors.

2. Microscopic Asbestos Detection – using tiny, microscopic cameras with attached airborne detectors to search hard-to-reach places without pulling your home apart.

3. An Asbestos Property Survey – a full-scale sweep of the entire home including between walls, under floorboards and in ceilings and masonry framing.

Once – and if – asbestos has been positively identified, then your chosen contractors will also have to safely and responsibly remove all traces of the substance found throughout your home. To do this, they should be able to…

  • Offer recommendations for temporary hotels, hostels or re-housing options for you and your family, so you are safely out of harm’s way during the removal process (should it prove necessary).
  • Wear the appropriate protective clothing and headgear to prevent the possibility of infection.
  • Avoid power tools, cutting gear and any other equipment that might expose your home to further asbestos particles.
  • Clear the entire property of any traces of asbestos in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, which means looking after the structural integrity of your property and reporting any further asbestos discoveries (especially in party walls) to the local authority.
  • Safely handle and carefully dispose of the found asbestos to prevent any further harm or contact with humans in a domestic setting.

Asbestos Removal Qualifications

You will also need to make sure that your chosen asbestos removal company or contractor is fully qualified to carry out the work specified above. This usually means that…

  • The contractor will hold an in-date asbestos removal licence.
  • hey will notify their relevant enforcing authority of any licensed work at least 14 days before it is due to start.
  • They will be answerable to their own enforcing authority, whether that be the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, the Health and Safety Executive (known as HSE asbestos removal) or the local council.
  • Any shoddy or unfinished work can be reported to the Asbestos Licensing Unit, who carry out regular site visits and assessments to make sure all licensed asbestos removal firms are carrying out the process safely and responsibly.