Hiring an Asbestos Surveyor? Here is some important advice for before you hire one…

Looking forward to moving into a new property but unsure if asbestos is a problem? Then consider hiring an asbestos surveyor as soon as possible!

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous, silicate material that was widely used as an insulating in building and construction projects across the UK before 1999, when it was completely outlawed under the Asbestos (Prohibitions) (Amendment) Regulations 1999. Asbestos is identifiable as either a white, brown or light blue fibrous looking rock or stone-like material, rough and hair-like in appearance.

Asbestos was banned because it was linked to the onset of various types of lung cancer, thanks to the small fibres permeating the walls and linings of the lungs. As a result, it is especially important that landlords and home-owners of older buildings (which might have used asbestos during construction or repair work) always protect against the risk of asbestos becoming airborne throughout their property, in an effort to protect tenants and residents – who can otherwise claim for damages in court.

What is an Asbestos Surveyor?

An asbestos surveyor, then, is a trained and qualified individual who is able and required to undertake a thorough inspection of such properties before approving them for domestic or commercial habitation. To prove their credentials, most individuals you approach must…

  • Have completed adequate asbestos surveyor training or be a trainee asbestos surveyor under the tutelage of a more senior individual or company.
  • Hold asbestos surveyor insurance, to help protect you against a poor or incomplete inspection.
  • Belong to the UKAS accredited asbestos surveyors governing body list or hold equal asbestos qualifications to carry out these comprehensive property surveys (such as an RSPH in Asbestos
  • Surveying from the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association).

Hiring an Asbestos Surveyor: Top Tips

Although it is obviously essential to make sure you chosen asbestos surveyor is fully qualified, there are some other tips that could help you find the right person to inspect your particular property and help you keep to your planned move-in date. For instance, you should also…

  • Determine the type of property the surveyor specialises in to see if it matches your own (i.e. commercial or industrial units vs. domestic homes).
  • Make sure the asbestos surveyor has carried out training in both inspection and decontamination processes to help save time – or can at least put you in touch with a reliable decontamination team should your home eventually require it.
  • And finally, be able to communicate with your chosen surveyor in a friendly and approachable way. This might initially sound surplus to requirements, but maintaining a good rapport with any kind of contractor is key to ensuring you always know what is going on inside your home – after all, you don’t want to be left out of the property or leave your other household items at risk for any longer than is necessary!