What to look for in Damp Proofing Specialist

Find the best damp proofing specialist in your local area by looking at what services they offer and how they treat customers before any up-front payments.

Living in somewhere as wet and windy as the UK makes damp a problem that you might have to deal with more than once throughout your lifetime. Damp attacks homes and buildings when they lack the proper ventilation or heating to deal with the moisture in the air; this moisture then goes on to accumulate, damaging the paintwork and surfaces of your home (usually causing discolouration and a build-up of spores), which can eventually even damage the structural integrity of your property. So how do you get it fixed effectively once it has been identified?

Types of Damp Proofing Services

There are three main types of damp to watch out for in domestic properties. They are:
1. Rising Damp – a ground-level damp that rises up from below the floorboards, usually identified as tide marks on the walls no more than one metre high.
2. Penetrating Damp – recurring damp (also notable by tide marks) that penetrates further into the building and masonry, usually caused by internal pipe leaks or excessive wet and stormy weather.
3. Condensation – black mould caused by a lack of ventilation in a room or throughout the home.

To treat damp effectively, most damp proofing specialists will be able to offer a variety of combined services that solve the existing problem while acting to help prevent further infestations of damp in your home. These might include one or more of the following:

  • Chemical damp proofing injections direct into the masonry.
  • Removal of plaster in damaged or damp areas.
  • Damp proof rendering.
  • Specialist damp proof re-plastering.
  • Installation of condensation control units.

What to look for in Damp Proofing Specialist

Once you know what kind of service you’re after, it is time to hire a damp proofing company or expert in your local area. While services do often overlap in the damp proofing sector, it is still important to find a contractor who can see the treatment through from start to finish – and that means finding a damp proofing company who should be able to…

  • Carry out a thorough diagnosis in your property using damp detection technology and by conducting a thorough sweep of your home, including in loft and attic space, basements, airing cupboards and even under floorboards.
  • Be familiar with all the kinds of damp outlined above and how to identify and treat them if located in the property.
  • Follow up a damp survey with the most appropriate treatment available (as outlined above), drawing upon their experience in the field to effectively eliminate the damp problem in your home.
  • Suggest and/or provide additional damp-preventative measures to help the problem for occurring again any time soon.
  • Bring a team of trained employees to safely and effectively remove the damp in accordance with British Healthy and Safety Standards.
  • Provide up-front quotes and/or estimates based on your damp problem and the necessary treatment (prices for damp proofing companies in London will usually be a little higher than elsewhere in the UK).
  • Offer years of experience in the field and expert training, as validated by qualifications certified by governing bodies such as the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association or the Damp Proofing Association UK.