What to Look for in Paving Contractors

Make sure you hire the right paving contractors in your area by checking they can carry out the work you want – and at the right price!

paving contractors

If you are in the middle of a garden renovation you might want to think about having some paving work done, even if in a small capacity; after all, paving can help streamline your garden’s overall aesthetic and give you access to hard-to-reach areas – especially during the wet, rainy weather that often hits the UK! But what do you need to look for when hiring a paving contractor? This guide to what paving companies should be able to offer should tell you exactly what you need to know.

Types of Paving Services

There are a number of different kinds of outdoor and exterior jobs and tasks a reputable paving company or paving contractors should be able to complete in either your front or back garden, including the following:

  • Laying a new patio or installing new decking.
  • Laying a brand new driveway using a variety of different building materials.
  • Laying footpaths, stepping stones or paving slabs.
  • Adapting your chosen materials to blend neatly and appropriately with your current garden surroundings.
  • Landscaping and/or creating and constructing a rockery.
  • Laying new tarmac or woodchip in lieu of traditional paving.
  • Offer more specialist paving models or designs, including mosaic paving slabs and ornate tile designs.

What to Look for in Paving Contractors

Although paving contractors across the UK will vary in the kind of services they offer, there are nevertheless some qualities that you will want to find in anyone you hire to work on upgrading or renovating your home. In a paving contractor, these qualities might include:

  • Being able to offer a variety of different building materials and types of paving from which you can choose to decorate the outdoor areas of your home.
  • Bringing all their own tools and equipment (and even additional labour should they require it) to complete the paving job on time and to the highest standards a client would expect.
  • Having additional industry contacts so they can get you in touch with other professionals such as architects or project managers, should they believe your paving project or plans require it.
  • Having wholesale contacts in the industry with whom they can get in touch to obtain paving materials and potentially save you money.
  • Possessing good listening skills so they understand the scale and nature of the paving work you want done.
  • Being fully trained and qualified in their chosen field; in the paving industry, that means being able to present either a Level 2 Extended Diploma in Wall and Floor Tiling or a Level 2/3 NVQ Certificate in Wall and Floor Tiling (Construction).
  • Belonging to a quality-control governing body in the paving industry that will hold them liable for the quality of their work – such as the Brick Development Association or the Stone Federation of Great Britain.
  • Providing up-front quotes and a competitive price plan for you to choose from before you sign any kind of final contract.