How to Find a Quality Kitchen Fitting Specialist

Discover the best ways to find a commercial or bespoke kitchen designer in your local area.

Whether you cook at home to keep the family healthy or simply because you have a passion for food, you want a space to whip up something fresh or delicious that helps make cooking easier. But although getting a brand new kitchen might seem like a great idea, refurbishing an existing room actually requires a lot of planning – especially for a room that contains so many belongings and has so many health and safety risks to consider.

So what sort of kitchen re-design do you have in mind? And how do you find the right kitchen fitter or commercial kitchen specialist for you?

Types of Kitchen Installers

There are three main types of kitchen fitters you can choose from in the UK:

Interior Kitchen Designers are basically like ordinary interior designers. Also known as kitchen planners, they help you figure out what you need your kitchen for and how the refurbishment can be tailored to your needs. They can help you choose the right kind of countertops and surface materials, and give advice on lighting, cooking equipment and potential dining space. They then get in touch with a local or commercial fitter and project manage the renovation.

Domestic Kitchen Fitters are for domestic properties with smaller to medium kitchens. They don’t always offer advice or provide you with the kitchen model and equipment (which you will need to purchase from a retailer first), but usually get the installation done on time and at a competitive price.

Commercial Kitchen Installers are best suited to café, canteen or restaurant kitchens that put on functions or regularly serve to members of the public. These installers offer a bespoke service, tailoring your new kitchen to your business’s needs; they usually fit anything from ovens, fryers and multi-burners to new boilers, glass-washers, laundry equipment and stainless steel work surfaces. Prices are often negotiable, but you usually get better deals on bulk buys.

Finding a Kitchen Fitting Specialist

There are a number of different things you can do to find a kitchen fitter in your local area who suits the kind of project or refurbishment you’re going for. For instance, you can:

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations to see if they had anyone round doing up their kitchen who they think would suit your particular blueprints.
  • Get in touch with local kitchen fitters online or via the telephone directory to see if they are currently available and willing to take on your project (it’s always best to make sure smaller firms have no more than three refurbishments or renovations on the go at a single time, otherwise you may find your project isn’t receiving the time and attention you feel it deserves!)
  • Go directly to wholesalers or retailers selling new kitchen models, equipment and products to see if they can put you in touch with any local or national kitchen fitters or firms who specialise in those particular items or types of kitchen you are purchasing.
  • The best way to find a kitchen fitter to suit you and your home renovation project is to always get to know them first; set up a preliminary meeting, ask about their working methods and see if you can get an estimate too – only then will you know whether it’s worth signing any kind of contract they offer!