What to look for in Pest Control Companies

See what you should be looking out for when hiring a pest control company or contractor in your local area.

Whether it is an infestation of mice or an invasion of ants, nobody likes having to deal with pests in their home – especially if they are invading a hygienic space like the kitchen or pantry, or if you have small children about to look after as well. So what is the best course of action on discovering pests lurking around your property?

Well, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with a number of different pest control companies in your local area and start comparing their availability and specialist areas – this way you’ll find a contractor who has experience dealing with your particular pest who can come round to sort the problem as soon as possible! But what other things should you be on the lookout for when hiring a pest control contractor?

Comparing Pest Control Companies UK

When ringing around to search for the right kind of pest specialist you need, there are also a number of other enquiries you should make before hiring the first company you find for the job. Will, for instance, your potential pest controller…

  • Be immediately available to carry out a thorough inspection of your property and locate and remove the pests from your home as soon as you need?
  • Listen to concerns you have about how the pest removal might cause damage to your home and offer solutions to counter-act any potential, permanent harm to your furniture and/or masonry?
  • Provide their own team of specialist employees who will aid and assist in the pest control management and removal?
  • Bring all of their own tools and equipment needed to carry out the job to a satisfactory standard?
  • Abide by all the necessary British health and safety standards to help prevent further pest infestation and to make sure your home remains clean and clear by the end of the removal?
  • Leave the property as the found it once the pest removal is complete?
  • Help advise on any other preventative measures you can take and put you in touch with the relevant companies or contractors to ensure the same (or a similar) pest infestation doesn’t happen again in the future?
  • Provide competitive, written quotes or estimates before work is due to begin, so you know what you’ll be paying up-front and in advance?

Essential Pest Control Training

On top of being available and willing to negotiate price-plans, most pest control companies in the UK should also be…

  • Fully licensed to carry out pest control operations and removals.
  • Able to present any necessary and/or relevant pest control qualifications, including the BPCA (Level 2) Award in Pest Management, the Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace certificate, or the RSPH Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Rodenticides.
  • Be trained in using any of the necessary pest control technology or equipment used to safely and responsibly remove pets from your home.
  • Identify whether or not they specialise in domestic pest control or commercial pest control (or both).
  • Fully insured to protect employers against poor workmanship or an unfinished pest removal job.
  • Governed by an awarding body such as the National Pest Control Association or British Pest Control Association.