Hiring a Roofer? Things you should know before you hire one…

A roofer requires skill and experience, so make sure you tick off everything you want before hiring a roofer for you.

Roofing work can be a delicate and daunting task, especially since it usually involves climbing a ladder and messing around with tools and tiles far from the safety of normal ground level. So what you should you do if you have broken tiles or a leaky roof that needs attending to as soon as possible?

Well, the best thing to do is to start looking out for a roofer in your local area. But what skills and qualifications are required of professional roofers in the UK?

Roofing Skills

A fully trained, qualified and experienced roofer will be able to…

  • Carry out a preliminary inspection of the property and the sections and/or parts of the roof that require repair or replacement.
  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive quote based on the inspection, which outlines exactly what you will be paying for.
  • Bring all of their own tools and equipment along to the job.
  • Provide a team of trained roofers, labourers and/or a roofing intern or apprentice to assist them with the roofing job at hand.
  • Fix and/or repair any leaks, loose or chipped tiling or damaged portions of the roof that require urgent attention.
  • Replace any old and broken tiling or bitumen flat roof material that has worn away and no longer acts as a protective covering.
  • Use the loft or attic space (if necessary) to complete the roof repair by adding extra underlay or supportive beams and/or roof joists.
  • Offer a competitive and attractive price-plan, especially for a larger job that requires extra materials and/or labour.
  • Provide a guarantee or warranty for any completed roofing work – one that should last somewhere between 20-40 years.
  • Demonstrate proof of expert references upon request, as well as providing all necessary qualification certificates and evidence of public liability roofers insurance – which will keep you covered in case they make any mistakes along the way!

Roofing Qualifications UK

In the UK there are a variety of roofing qualifications professional roofers can hold to carry out work on commercial and domestic properties. The most popular qualifications include:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Built-Up Felt Roofing
  • Level 2/3 NVQ Diploma in Roofing Occupations (for England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • City and Guilds Roofing Construction Training Course

In turn, these qualifications are usually issued by one of the following governing or awarding bodies:

  • The National Roofing Contractors Association
  • The Institute of Roofing
  • The Confederation of Roofing Contractors
  • National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited

If you are unsure about the qualification or roofing contractors association in question, you should contact one of those listed above or access the full registry on the UK government website.

The important thing to remember is to never climb a roof unguarded or unsupervised all by yourself; and don’t go up there and attempt to fix any broken or loose tiling if you don’t know what you’re doing, as you are likely only going to make things worse – which will cost you even more in the long run in follow-up repairs! Instead, go through the checklist we’ve provided and start calling around local roofers to see if you can find a fully qualified professional who won’t let you down.