What to Look for in a Window Installer

Check out our guide on what you should look for in a window fitter and how to find the right window installer for you.

window installer
New windows can help brighten up your home and add value to your property; but how do you make sure you find a reputable window installer who can be trusted with the work you have in mind? Our guide to looking for a window fitter should tell you everything you need to know…

Essential Window Installer Services

Most window-fitting companies and/or contractors should be able to offer at least one or more of the following services:

  • Installing brand new double and/or triple glazing.
  • Installing brand new windows, including the knocking down old masonry – all the while preserving the structural integrity of the property and keeping your home safe.
  • Removing old window frames and glass panelling and disposing of them responsibly before new windows are installed.
  • Including new window frames as part of the installation service (and therefore offering a wide portfolio of various makes and models for you to choose from).
  • Installing new locks and/or bolts on windows and frames where necessary.
  • Upgrading and/or replacing windows no matter their existing style, shape and/or condition – meaning preserving sash windows or providing new u-PVC soundproofing models depending on what you choose for your home.
  • Offer or point you in the direction of alternative accommodation for you and your family, should the window installation take longer than anticipated or if the home is considered unsafe during the installation process.

Essential Qualities in Window Companies and Contractors

No matter what kind of window replacement or upgrade you are looking for, you still want a contractor who can be trusted; you should therefore carry out preliminary chats or mini ‘interviews’ with prospective employees to ensure they…

  • Listen to exactly what sort of window-based home improvements you want, and understand your ideas on both a practical and aesthetic level.
  • Provide all their own tools and equipment, which will allow them to get the work done to a satisfactory standard.
  • Have contacts with wholesalers to get better deals and prices on bulk-buys – helping you to save money overall, especially if you are getting the windows throughout your entire property refitted.
  • Abide by all healthy and safety standards and window regulations, as laid out by the British Building Regulations under UK law.
  • Are adequately trained and experienced in window fittings and replacements and can produce references and letters of recommendation upon request.
  • Offer up-front quotes or estimates on the job you want done, and offer a competitive price-plan to help you make your final decision.
  • Are FENSA Registered Installers (that is, signed up to Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme) or at least affiliated with the Glass and Glazing Federation – to help insure you against any shoddy workmanship or incomplete window installations.

Just remember that no matter who you hire, don’t simply go for the first contractor you interview – always check references too, and be sure to set upon a final price before signing your final contract.